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Middle School: Middle School Crediting Sources & Citation

Crediting Sources bannerAny time you borrow someone else's words or ideas (whether you are quoting or whether you are paraphrasing), you need to give the original creator credit. This is called having academic integrity.

Below you'll find information and tools that will help you properly credit your sources so you can practice good digital citizenship and proper academic behavior. 

Citation & Crediting Sources

These slides start with information about how to properly give credit in your work.

They end with a step-by-step guide to using to automatically create Works Cited entries and lists

Purdue OWL: Style Overviews

From Purdue University's Online Writing Laboratory:

OSLIS Citation Maker MLA Basic

OSLIS Citation Maker

OSLIS Citation Maker and Other Resources

Welcome to OSLIS for Secondary Students!
I Need To...

Click here to access the Learn to Research section Click here to access the Find Information section Click here to access the Cite My Sources section

Click here to access the OSLIS overview video


MyBib provides free citation management provides free citation management. This site requires the creation of a free personal account. This site complies with most schools' privacy policies. Remember to confirm with an adult that you can sign up.

Check out the slides to the left to learn how to use it!

Noodle Tools (free resources)

Check to see if your school library offers a premium version.

NoodleTools ExpressJust need one quick source citation? Create a single MLA, APA, or Chicago-style reference and copy and paste it into your document. No login required.

NoodleTools MLA LiteCreate and save an MLA Works Cited. Premium features like expert citation help, notecards, outlining, collaboration, and sharing with a teacher are not included.

MLA 8 PDF TemplatesOur growing collection of MLA 8 citation templates guide students through applying MLA’s new “generic” template to specific source types. Print them for an exercise in class or fill these PDF forms out online