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Middle School: Middle School Databases & Inquiry

Tools for Research BannerDatabases are often a better tool for research than doing an open web (or Google) search.

Why? Databases are curated - that means they only include resources that have been carefully selected. Sometimes these resources are chosen specifically to meet your teachers' requirements for research. 

Remember: An open web search can include any website that any person anywhere might publish. This may not be a good recipe for finding the useful and reliable information you need for your projects or personal research.

The resources linked on this page are free to use by any New Jersey resident. 


Middle Search Plus: Access to encyclopedia articles, primary sources, magazines, and journals. Subjects include history, current events, science, and sports.  Features thousands of biographies and primary source documents, plus over a million photos, maps, and flags.


Explora Secondary: A large, attractive database that includes encyclopedia articles, primary sources, magazines, and journals.


Referencia LatinaUna base de datos en Espanol. 



Points of View: Access multiple perspectives on controversial topics.

AP Newsroom: View the greatest events in world history with photographs, audio sound bites, video, and graphics, from the past 185 years! 

NoveList Plus K-8: A resource for locating your next "favorite book"! Includes reading recommendations to help readers of all ages find just the right book. Includes expert recommendations, reviews, awards, lists, and more.


Why use databases?



Primary Sources


Library of Congress’s Digital CollectionsDigital access to one of the world's largest collections of information and materials.

National Archives Featured RecordsThe National Archives house some of the most important documents, records, and materials of American history. This page provides a quick search of some of those items.  Check here for America's Founding Documents.

New Jersey Information

This search box is customized to look for New Jersey-based sources of reliable information. 

Reliable Resources (search engine)

This search box does not search the entire internet; it is limited to a carefully curated selection of reliable sources of information.

U.S. Government Websites (search engine)

This search box only searches .gov websites. It can be useful for finding information related specifically to the United States, its government, the branches of the government, and the information collected and shared by the US government.

Poetry & Poets (search engine)

This search box only searches carefully selected poetry websites.

Does your school have MackinVIA?


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If your school library uses the Destiny catalog, find your library's name and search its digital and print collections using this library locator!


Does your school use MackinVIA? Search your school's digital assets.