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Middle School: Middle School News & Current Events

Need to find some information about what's going on in the world? Check out the links below!

But remember the consider the purposes and perspectives of the information you find!

Note: Most of the links on this page take you to student-friendly sites that do not require a login. However, some of the linked services do require a paid school account. A few require the creation of a free personal account. If any website asks you for your email or other personal information, remember to confirm with an adult that you can sign up.

Middle School News & Current Events


Free news and current events for students


Free news and current for students; many of the stories are summaries and abridged versions of news from a variety of news outlets. 


News for students from the national Public Broadcasting System

Provides links to current events news; offers a variety of perspectives on the same topic. AllSides also provides a bias rating for all major news sources.

Offers wide-ranging science and history news and information from the Smithsonian, with the ability to adjust reading levels. Also has links at the top for different grade levels. 

Your Commonwealth News and current events stories by and for youth from around the world

Stories from teens, along with tips for teens on creating their own reports


Science-focused news for students

10 minute daily video segments about current events

View today’s front page of over 800 newspapers from around the world; also has an archive of important dates from recent history.


As Google News gets to "know you", it will offer stories it thinks you'd like. 

Natural sciences-focused news for younger students

Consider Purpose & Perspective

No matter what sources you use, pause and ask yourself, "Why did someone post this online? What is their PURPOSE? And what is their PERSPECTIVE on the issue?" The purpose and perspective of the people behind the source can affect what information they share, and how they share it. This can change how people understand the information.  

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