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Middle School: Middle School Home

Welcome, Middle School Students!

Whether you are working on school projects from home or from within a classroom, this site has resources that can help you! Use the tabs at the top of this site or the links below to check out information middle school students will find useful!  

These resources can be helpful, but a school librarian is an even better resource (click to learn more)!

                                                                           Note: Most of the links on the Middle School pages should take you to student-friendly sites that do not require a login. However, some of the linked services do require a paid school account. A few require the creation of a free personal account. If any website asks you for your email or other personal information, remember to confirm with an adult that you can sign up.                                                                                  

Find Your Local Public Library!

Meet your Middle School librarian!

Steve Tetreault -

Middle School Resources

Remember: Reach out to your librarian for more resources to help you think, create, share, and grow! Of course, they will also be happy to connect you with the very best books in any format!

Find and access text and multimedia stories, and find suggestions for your next book!
Need to find out about what's going on in the world? Use these links to sources of useful information.

Databases are a much better resource for research than using Google. One section of this page includes links to databases any New Jersey resident can access for free. 

There are also some custom search engines (powered by Google) that will only search reliable sources of information.

These tips and suggestions can help you find more relevant information and save you time!
Information about how to properly give credit and guidance on using to automatically create correctly-formatted Works Cited lists.

Find your school library resources!


If your school library uses the Destiny catalog, find your library's name and search its digital and print collections using this library locator!


Does your school use MackinVIA? Search your school's digital assets.

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