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Virtual Field Trip Airport SLNJ: Virtual Field Trip Airport Home


FEATURED TRIPS - Highlighted resources
USA TRIPS - Trips within the USA

GLOBAL TRIPS - Trips from around the world

ART TRIPS - Virtual galleries 

HISTORICAL TRIPS - Trips through time

SCIENCE TRIPS - Adventures with science

GOOGLE RESOURCES - Google's many useful tools

OTHER RESOURCES - Lessons, blogs, lists and more

HOW TO FIND TRIPS: TIPS - Librarian's techniques

SUBMIT A LOCATION - Add to our growing resource


Field trips are fun for everybody, but what can you do when you are either in classroom or at home? Easy: Virtual Field Trips! The best part about Virtual Field Trips is that there are no limitations. You can travel thousands of miles, through time and space, in the sky or in the ocean. The weather is always beautiful and the airfare is free. 

This guide is designed to be used across disciplines. The trips have been organized into categories for quick browsing. In addition, tips and tricks are shared that will help you find more locations that suit your needs. Finally, support resources are also available such as lesson plans and classroom ideas. It is time to get out there and start exploring our world!

Meet your Virtual Field Trip Airport Librarian!

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